Aviva i-Life

Type of policy: Term Insurance

Term insurance is a pure life insurance policy that gives your family a cover in case of an eventuality to the bread winner. This is a fantastic product from customer point of view, and is indeed one that every single family needs to have, for its earning member(s).

This is an online policy which means you override the agency route. The procedure is hassle-free too. Premiums of online term policies are cheapest of insurance policies. A term cover is all you need for your insurance need.

Aviva i-Life is a good plan to have. However i-Life is available only in select cities of India.

We typically recommend an insurance cover of 4-8 times your annual income, for as long a term as is available for your age. Find out the ideal cover for you using this calculator.

Product features:



Fintotal Comment

Minimum age at entry

18 years


Maximum age at entry

55 years

Lower than the usual cap of 60 years 

Maximum policy term

35 years or till age of 70, whichever is earlier


Minimum sum assured

Rs 25 lakh

Those with need for lower cover will have to skip this policy

Maximum sum assured

No limit; subject to underwriting


Returns: No benefits are paid if the insured survives the term. Insurance and investments work best when kept separate. Life insurance must be viewed as an expense rather than investment. 


Your age


Indicative Annual Premium

(For cover of Rs.50 lakh )

25 years

25 years

Rs. 4,050

30 years

25 years

Rs. 4,500

40 years

25 years

Rs. 8,300

50 years

15 years

Rs. 18,200

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Table of Contents