Bajaj Allianz Cash Rich

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Name of the policy :
Bajaj Allianz Cash Rich

A brief desciption :

Bajaj Allianz Cash Rich Plan is a Money Back Plan. This is a non unit-linked insurance traditional participating plan where the money is paid at pre-decided intervals. In this policy, there are two phases, namely Premium Payment Phase and a Money Back Phase, both of which are selected at the inception of the policy. At the end of the premium payment term, the accrued compound reversionary bonus shall be paid. Then 5% of the Sum Assured + Annual Cash Bonus (if any) are paid at the end of each policy year, till the end of the policy term. When the Policy matures, the entire Sum Assured + Terminal Bonus is paid and the policy is terminated. However, if the Life Insured dies within the policy tenure, the full Sum Assured + all accrued Bonuses are paid and the policy is terminated.

Started date :1/2/2011
Type of policy :Insurance cum investment
Category :Traditional-Endowment Plan
Insurance :Min- 1 Lakh Max- No limit
Returns expected :Less than Fixed Deposit
Entry age :0-60 Years
Minimum amount :Min- 8000 Yearly 4000- Half Yearly 2000- Quarterly 750- Monthly, Max- No Limit

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Table of Contents