Quantum Multi Asset Fund NFO

Quantum Mutual Fund has launched a new fund Quantum Multi Asset Fund. NFO is open from 22 June to 05 July. The fund would invest in all asset types- equities, debt, gold and liquid securities. It is fund of funds scheme. The fund's investment objective allows it to invest in gold schemes of Quantum Mutual Fund and in debt/money market schemes of other funds.

Quantum Mutual Fund stands out among the other AMCs for being true to its mission to provide investors with simple, easy-to-understand products, invest easily at a low cost and provide dependable standards of service. The fund house manages just 6 funds (including the new fund) and 2 ETFs, all differing in investment objectives to cater to different investment needs. Most of them are fairly well performing funds. Expense ratios on the funds are on the lower side. One disadvantage is that most of the funds are small in size however as investor confidence increases the fund house's AUM will grow too.  

As with other NFOs we recommend that, even if the asset allocation may look tempting to enthusiastic investors wanting a balanced portfolio, this NFO may be skipped. When the fund's good performance is established for a satisfactorily long period you may invest in it.  Some confuse buying at low NAV of Rs 10 as a great advantage of NFOs but this is a fallacy. The NAVs as such do not matter but what does is the change in NAVs over a period.

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Table of Contents